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What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

Here at our practice, we believe that our patients should be fully informed about a treatment before they move forward with it. This means that they need to know every thing about that treatment, the good and the bad. This is especially true of our patients looking for treatment with dental crowns. While crowns provide a great treatment for damaged or infected teeth, this treatment does have its own flaws. Today, Dr. Marc J. Beshar is blogging from Manhattan, NYC to talk about …
Our Manhattan, NYC area patients should be aware of the pros and cons of treatment with dental crowns.

Top Your Implants with Dental Crowns

Hello and welcome to the all new dental crown blog of Marc J. Beshar Dentistry! Dental crowns have long been a great treatment for restoring teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay or infection. The durability of crowns ensures that they will continue to be used going into the future. These facts are part of the reason why dental crowns are being used to top our dental implants. With crowns, we can provide our patients with amazing replacement teeth the look just like their …
Our Manhattan, NYC area patients know that they should top their dental implants with dental crowns.